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CryptoPrinting closed on July 21, 2014.

Thanks for everything!

Archived About Us:

We already have the 3D printers (and didn’t take out loans to get them like most companies trying to do this), so it seems like a natural opportunity to expand the market for BTC users.  As others have expressed, this sort of service gives them something snappy to respond with when their dismissive friend asks “But what can you really buy with bitcoin anyway? Seems stupid to me!”

“Well, I use Bitcoin to get anything* I want 3D printed!”  you can reply. Take that, cynical friend!

As we don’t have investors and we haven’t quit our day jobs to do this,  CryptoPrinting is very much a labor of love and an experiment in what the community can do to bootstrap itself.   Trust and reputation are an important part of any process, and so we are starting small, working with whomever trickles in first, before expanding to a more involved system.

While there were several initial expressions of interest in the limited venues we polled, only a few BTC users have come knocking so far.  To those of you:  You’re our first customers, and we want to make sure that you’re happy with what you’ve received before making big promises that we can’t keep (like staying in operation forever).

*We are not trying to get ourselves in deep water so we might have to be selective regarding certain jobs.  More to say on this when our lawyers translate recent legal statutes from parseltongue to common english.


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  1. You should set up a service where you can 3D print a physical BTC wallet, such as a large coin with a BIP38 private-key QR code (provided by the customer) embossed on the back.

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