The NFC-Enabled Bitcoin!


This 3D Printed Bitcoin simulacra contains a 1k Mifare Classic NFC sticker embedded into a bitcoin token made of gold-coloured PLA.  The whole ‘coin’ is ~36.7mm in diameter.
(Produced using open source hardware and software, incidentally)

Important points to understand:

  • Sold as blank slates – NO account or key-related data would be written to the NFC chips upon purchase. I can’t promise that we won’t put our own website onto it to be cute.
  • Read/write ready Milfare 1k Classic NFC sticker (we check to make sure that it’s writable after being printed into the object)
  • One last time:  This product does not contain BTC and is not a ‘bitcoin’!  (Well it is, but it isn’t unless you make it one.  Okay look, it’s complicated.  Just make sure that you know what we’re offering and that we’re not trying to scam you.)

Possible fun uses for your Bitcoin Simulacra:

  • Load a private key onto it for cold storage. (Or more than one private key!)
  • Load a public address onto it for NFC-enabled swipe and pay goodness (giving you an opportunity to explain how far ahead of the curve you are to everyone !)
  • Load a link to any website or a link to your account on the blockchain which then shows your account summary!
  • Program the NFC tag to load your favorite wallet app when you swipe it with your phone
  • [Your awesome idea here!]

We are considering offering these on a regular basis, but wanted to auction one to see what the interest levels are.  As the auction has recieved bids we will be including these with the next 3 orders, and begin offering them as a regular product after that on bitmit.

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