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Archived FAQ:

How can I trust that you’ll deliver?

  • Open innovation requires open communication. While we currently use a multi-step payment process to ensure that you get the best 3D prints possible, we want to hear your suggestions! Please contact [email protected] to request quotes or discuss the payment process.

How big an object can I order?

  • Our build area is ~200mm (8in) square by 130mm (~5.1in) high.  If you have something larger than this, it might be worth trying to print in components, or manufacture it using an entirely different process. Ask your local Hackerspace.

Do you have a catalogue of items you can print?

  • Due to the nature of additive manufacturing, we’re more interested in having you make or find designs to print!  The largest library of printable STLs is currently on Thingiverse.com, which offers an extremely wide selection of objects. Please check the applicable license of the STL prior to submission, as we may be obligated to limit objects due to their terms of use.

Are there any limitations on the object?

  • Our size limitations are described above under “capabilities”.  We are currently offering single color objects, preferably printed in PLA.  Our color availability is dependent on stocking new colors using funds earned satisfying customer orders.

Do you have a return policy?

  • Our payment schemes are designed to build in some level of customer satisfaction feedback.  If you’re using scheme A or B (above) where no escrow is involved, we have no means to convince you to submit your final payment.  In these cases, we are entirely at your mercy regarding that portion of the payment.  In this case, the initial fees will be retained for the purchase of filament (to replace what was used).  Return options may be available for scheme C, depending on the escrow system employed.
  • In the case of items damaged during shipping, timely photographic evidence of the damaged object will serve to convince us to send you a replacement.

Will you print me an AR-15 lower receiver?

  • Short answer, No.
  • IF we were incorporated somehow, with a well stocked legal defense fund ready for the incoming raids and fiasco, maybe we wouldn’t be so finicky.   But as it stands, we’re doing this to improve the marketplace for BTC in as open and honest a fashion as possible, not to provide a fly-by-night arms manufacturing service for BTC.  3D printing is becoming common enough that you can get your own printer for making weapon parts if you’re really that interested.  We are willing to do consultation for 3D printer construction, but you’re on your own if you want printed guns.  Sorry.

What materials can you print in?

We currently have some filament stock to print in:

  • *PLA:  Black, Natural, Blue, Red, White, Translucent Green, Grey, Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Translucent Blue,
  • ABS:  Black, Natural, Blue
  • Future Materials(?):  Polycarbonate

We’re going to start keeping better track of how much we have, eventually limiting some colors to smaller jobs until those filaments are restocked

If I order a large batch of parts/objects can I get a discount or cheaper rates on shipping?

  • Batch orders will surely get a shipping discount, and may also get some rate discount (still looking at the numbers there). We are still working on payment plans/methods but this will be factored in.  As all transactions are currently negotiated directly (no robots there yet), you’ll have a chance to not get screwed on shipping (unlike some other services).  We pay the shipping right now, so it’s more like sh(t)ipping when you give use BTC for shipping – we’re not trying to ask more than we’re paying, and in the end we want to give you a reason to tip us!

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  1. Can you describe what kind of quality, resolution your machines have? Would be really nice with some pictures of finished prints so its possible to look at the finishing. What kind of CAD formats do you accept etc.

    1. Thanks for asking! We are printing with a .35mm nozzle, images of printed things are on that main page now from our first customer. We accept STL files – If you need help converting to an STL we can work with you to do that.

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