Bitcoin without BitPay

Bitcoin without BitPay

CryptoPrinting (a.k.a. 3DP 4 BTC) is no longer accepting Bitcoin payments via BitPay.  We would like to take a minute to explain this change.

Let us start off by commending BitPay for the service they provide.  For those who want to accept bitcoin without having to hold bitcoin – or otherwise deal with the legal uncertainties associated with it – BitPay surely is a useful service.  We still support both BitPay and the brick and mortar services that use it.

That being said, CryptoPrinting was started with cryptocurrencies in mind – without any intention of accepting fiat at any point.  It was never intended to replace our day jobs, nor could it.  For a service like ours, BitPay lessens the impact of using Bitcoin as a payment solution by adding unneeded fees.

BitPay operates by taking a small fee from each transaction.  However, their payout process typically takes longer than it takes us to fulfill each order.  It also acts as a communication barrier between us and our customers since we need certain customization info like the type of NFC tags desired in order to fulfill orders.  Finally, BitPay does not provide escrow, so your trust in our service is still needed.

As we continue our search for alternative escrow solutions, we ask that you please contact us directly for negotiation and payment: [email protected].  Thanks!!

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