NFC+BTC Protips

Dear Cryptofriends,
I wanted to pass some information along that will be useful to you and anyone else who happens to want to use our NFC for Bitcoin/altcoin related purposes (particularly putting a public address on an NFC tag for others to pay to).
Unfortunately, with the closure of BitMit and a slapdash attitude toward record keeping on my part, a large fraction of my customer’s email addresses have been lost (if I ever had access to them in the first place).  I like to think that this shows I’m not the kind of person to hoard your private information, as opposed to revealing that I am a scientist/engineer trying to play business-creature, but take it as you will.  The practical result of this is that it is difficult to communicate privately with all of our past customers and we think this information is worth sharing more broadly anyway.
If you find the information valuable, please consider tipping the OP, whose address is listed in the reddit post.
All the best,