CryptoPrinting Summer Update

Hi there! We’ve been a bit busy lately, but wanted to remind everyone that we are still alive and printing!

So, in the spirit of 3D printing awesomeness, here are some awesome 3D printing events to grease your thought engines!

Future Possibilities (Patent expiration, Printing in Space, and Printing in Fashion):

This article essentially describes our NFC embedding process (something we were doing several months before published the article):

Is UPS our new competition? (As though we needed more!):

Could we print graphene?  Perhaps:

It is important to consider the safety element, though we’ve not noticed any problems from breathing PLA fumes:

Not quite 3D printing, but fun:

A powerful new tool for design of ‘living’ sculptures:

Useful guide for those looking to build their own Prusa:

The latest (greatest?) RepRap iteration:

RepRap Morgan

Our Crypto-Coins Are Waterproof & Buoyant!

For those of you holding our NFC-enabled 3D-printed cryptocoin simulacra ‘in the wild,’ we would like to give you a product update: your custom-printed coins are all WATERPROOF!*
Bitcoin Dunk - Top Down
We recently decided to test out our cryptocoin simulacra to see how waterproof they really were.  The results?  Not only are your coins waterproof, but they also FLOAT!!  The printing process traps small pockets of air into the coin, which allows it to float!  After giving it a short bath (with dunking), the NFC tag inside didn’t have any functional (read/write) problems at all.
For a while, we were confused why the NFC stickers we embed into your 3D prints were not considered ‘waterproof,’ while other NFC tags were.  What makes one of these tags waterproof?  It turns out that it’s all in the plastic coating around the tag.  This coating prevents the device antenna from becoming deformed or otherwise breaking when the tag gets soggy.  In that sense, embedding the tags into our 3D prints might be considered it’s own kind of waterproofing.
*We will be conducting a similar test of longer duration soon, but thought that this information was worth passing along.  That being said, anyone who has already written a private key to their tag should continue to exercise all due caution.  You wouldn’t dunk your laminated laptop into a bathtub, would you?